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This showcases our latest pics and videos of the specialized products and services using laser engraving and marking technology. Our technical expertise and consulting with our clients have helped find solutions to many challenging projects. We welcome the opportunity to bid on your next project.

Our Latest Pics and Videos

COVID-19 – Behind the Scenes in Producing PPE Essential Products

A little behind the scenes of what V.I.P. Laser Engraving, LLC can do. Working on an order for face and eye shields. Just got done with the frames for the face shields and now onto the eye shields frames. Stay tuned for updates. Remember to LIKE our Facebook page and visit our website for updates, products, and features.


Ultra WRX-8808LSB Spacer Wheel Center Cap for Rear Wheels

Ultra WRX-8808LSB Spacer Wheel Center Cap

  • Material used: ¼” acrylic sheet
  • 3 were made to ensure proper fit
  • Used on a 2013 Chevy 2500 DuraMax
  • The spacers that were provided with the cap were 2” thick, which do not fit properly on the wheels.
  • It is recommended to do all four at once, as when the tires are rotated the tire shop doesn’t generally swap out the hubcaps.